24 Range Motors (Skeletal Frame)

24 Range Motor

24 Range Electric Motors - Shaded Pole, Skeletal Frame

The simplest of all motor types, they consist of two basic electrical assemblies: a single bobbin wound stator and a die cast rotor assembly. The auxiliary winding of the motor is provided by two coils of thick copper wire looped around each pole face.

These shading coils remain in circuit whilst the motor is running and oppose the main winding flux, resulting in lower motor efficiency.

Starting torque of this type of motor is influenced by the diameter of the shading coil. Higher start torque usually means lower running performance, and final design is usually a compromise between these two parameters.


General 24 Range motor specification only. Refer to individual models or Sales Office for particular details and further information if required.

The performance characteristics of skeleton motors dictate that they are generally used for air movement or liquid stirring duties. Their simple compact construction, quiet operation and low cost make them ideally suited for these applications

• Oil, Gas and Solid Fuel Fan Flues
• Fan Assisted Domestic Boilers
• Commercial Fan Convectors
• Domestic Fan Heaters
• Kick space Heaters
• Drinks Dispensers
• Beer Coolers
• Frost Free Freezers

24 Range Motors General Specifications

Bearings Either self-aligning sintered bronze impregnated with synthetic oil or ball bearings
Construction Pressure die cast bearing brackets with provision for direct mounting via M4 screws
Types Shaded Pole
Output 1 - 18 Watts
Poles 2 Pole
Enclosure Open Frame
Insulation Class B,F & H available
Rating Continuously rated air-over-motor
Speeds Single speed standard. Two speeds available
Shaft ENIA steel, single or double extension
Rotation Clockwise (CW) or AntiClockwise (ACW)
Supply Single Phase 115/120v & 220/240v, 50Hz