Electric Motor Replacement

Electric motor range

Contact our Sales Office with the nameplate details from your motor.

If a direct replacement is not available of the shelf, our sales team will cross reference to find a motor which may be modified to give a perfect match.

  • 24 Range Motors
  • 33 Range Motors
  • 35 Range Motors
  • 35 Range Motors
  • 41 Range Motors
  • 48 Range Motors
  • 48 Range Motors
  • 55 Range Motors

Motor Testing Facilities

Motor Test Room

The test laboratory at Remco houses the latest computer controlled Power Analyser system.

This Dynamometer based system outputs every motor parameter, Torque, Speed, Input Watts, Output Watts, Line current, Main Winding Current, Auxiliary Winding Current, Power factor and Efficiency from No load to Full load and down to Locked Rotor.

Motor identification

We are able to supply suitiable replacements for almost any motor, current or obsolete.

Just send us the nameplate details and any other specific information.

Motor Modification

If we are unable to provide a "drop in" replacement from stock then we can modify stock motors to match your requirements.

All modifications are carried out in our ISO approved workshop by fully trained staff.

Electric Motors & Fans for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Applications

Remco is well established as the Premier UK Supplier of A.C. Fractional Horsepower Electric Motors and Fans for replacement use in the Heating, Ventilating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning industries.

Our factory warehouse at Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England, stocks upwards of 80,000 ac replacement electric motors with 900 different models, covering the output range of 2 watts to 1400 watts (2 Horsepower).

We also stock a wide range of Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fan Wheels, Fan Blades & Accessories.

Custom Fan Unit fabrication

Fan Cowls

Fabrication of Fan Cowls, Trays or Complete Assemblies at a huge saving over OEM prices.

Send us details of units that require replacement, if possible with a dimensioned sketch.

We also offer a collection service to make life easier for you.

Fan Unit refurbishment

A refurbishment service for old, dirty or incomplete units is available. We clean your units and can also replace any damaged or faulty components.